What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine, founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, in 1794 in Germany. Homeopathy is practiced in most parts of the world. It is based on the fundamental principle of Like cures Like or The Law of Similars. Due to its remarkable efficacy especially in managing chronic diseases and recent developments in research, homeopathy is gaining momentum in acceptance among patients and expected to be a greater choice of treatment in the coming times.
Innovation in Research, Education, Practice in Chennai:
19-20 August 2017
In collaboration with Sairam Institutes, we shall have a conference on 19-20 August 2017 in Chennai.
20th August will have a theme of
"Innovation in Research, Education, and Practice", focusing on the Innovation in these areas, to benefit the practitioners, the students, teachers, and researchers.
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GHF, founded by a group of homeopathic activists who desire homeopathy reach to the masses across the world. GHF being a non-government non-profit making group, it's objectives include growth of the science, benefit to those suffering with diseases which could be helped with Homeopathy and to support the professionals to be able to serve better.