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GHF is initiated by some people with a vision to bring quality homeopathy to the masses, whose only intention is to promote the science. These people have their proven commitment and love for homeopathy, who have demonstrated their involvement in the areas of education, practice, research and promotion. More people with similar vision would be invited to join the team.
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GHF founded by a group of homeopathy activists who want to see homeopathy reach to the masses across the world. GHF being a non-government, non-profit making, non-profit making group, it's objectives include growth of the science, benefit to those suffering with diseases which could be helped with homeopathy and to support the professionals to be able to serve better.
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World Homeopathy Summit
on Recent Advances in Scientific Research
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  • World Homeopathy Summit: 11-12 April 2015
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    This conference will bring a huge change in your life!


    Dear friends:

    As Organizing Secretary, I am excited to invite you to World Homeopathy Summit on 11-12 April, 2015, Mumbai, India. This is one of its kind events in India.


    Homeopathy is undergoing a phase of transformation. Lack of scientific research can lead to fading of this stream of medical system. Thankfully, there has been considerable research in the field, which will help the system of medicine reclaim its status of deserving position. However, the profession and the people at large are not aware about the fundamental research and development in homeopathy. As a result, people do not opt for homeopathy as a choice of therapy as much as they should. Homeopathy, hence, is underexplored and under-utilized system of medicine.


    Due to lack of scientific approach, many unscientific theories have emerged; which is defaming homeopathy.


    So, the need of the hour is to update us of the scientific research and also to explore more research; so that the real potential of homeopathy is brought to its use for better healthcare for the new age.


    World Homeopathy Summit is meant to be a movement in that direction. Above 25 scientists have consented to come together to share their homeopathy research in the areas of molecular biology, physics, engineering, nanotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, etc.


    WHS is expected to change your perspective and thought process.


    Welcome to the change!


    Dr Rajesh Shah, MD(Hom)
    Organizing Secretary
    Director: Life Force Homeopathy

    World Homeopathy Summit on Recent Advances in Scientific Research

    Homeopathy has emerged as a viable health care option in several decades. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, MD, propounded homeopathy in 1796 in Germany. The birthday of Dr Hahnemann is celebrated across the world in honor of his contribution for a gentle, safe and effective treatment approach. The 260th birth anniversary falls on 10th April, 2015.

    There are many advances in the area of scientific research in homeopathy which need to be brought to the attention of the scientific community, medical professionals and the masses, so that the second highest popular system of medicine is brought to the use of more and more people in the world.

    With a huge infrastructure and human resource, India is said to be the world leader in homeopathy. There are about 250,000 homeopathic practitioners, 188 teaching institutions, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Central Council of Homeopathy, National Institute of Homeopathy and Homeopathic Pharmacopeia laboratory. Strong Professional Organizations like HMAI, IIHP, IHMA, LMHI, Asian Homeopathic League are relentlessly working to get the status and dignity the system deserves.

    Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF) is happy to present World Homeopathy Summit on Recent Advances in Scientific Research, a one-of-its-kind conference, dedicated to showcasing the latest trends and developments in the field scientific research in the world. The GHF is a new global platform founded recently with the objective of disseminating the authentic information on the strength of homeopathy.

    Why this conference?
    Homeopathy has gained increasing popularity and there is a resurgence of interest in many developed countries. On the other side the system is being criticized for inadequate clinical evidences, in spite of considerable and encouraging research work. The practitioners, students and the followers of homeopathy often are unaware about the scientific advances in the field due to inadequate exposure. As a result, the masses are often deprived of the benefits of homeopathy. Also, orientation about scientific research will encourage the scientists and the medical students to pursue more research in homeopathy; which will allow this system of medicine more efficient, which in turn, will help the masses.

    At GHF, we believe that homeopathy will survive only if supported by scientific research. We have recognized the need for an event that will allow the world know about the recent research, invite some scientists to talk about their work of decades, have a forum to discuss the scope for more research, stimulate the professionals to be more research oriented, sensitize the young generation to engage in scientific work, enhance clinical proficiency of practitioners, encouraging more scientist from allied fields to involve in fundamental research and also invite government as well as non-government institutions to patronize research in homeopathy.

    The speakers
    We are happy to announce that some of the most authoritative scientists of basic sciences having international repute, who could bring breakthrough in the unexplored aspects of homeopathy, have agreed to speak at the conference.

    They would include medical scientists, engineers, physicists, molecular biologists, homeopaths, immunologists, agro-scientists, and the like from varied science streams, whose work is published in peer-reviewed international journals.

    Some of the speakers who have provisionally agreed to present papers, are
    1. Dr Paulo Bellavite (Italy) (Dipartimento di Patologia e Diagnostica, University  di Verona)
    2. Dr Jayesh Bellare (India)(Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT-B, Mumbai)
    3. Dr NC Sukul (India) (Professor of Zoology, Visva-Bharati University)
    4. Dr A.R. Khuda Bukhsh (India) (Emeritus Professor, University Grants Commission, Govt. of India, at Deptt. of Zoology, University of Kalyani,)
    5. Dr Eswara Das (India) (Ex-Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata)
    6. Dana Ullman (USA) (Author of 10 books and hundreds of articles)
    7. Prof Michael Frass (Austria) (Professor at Medical University Vienna Dept. Internal Medicine)
    8. Dr Praveen Kumar (India)
    9. Dr Henning Gypser (Germany) (Founder of the 'Glees Academy of Homeopathic Physicians', which is researching on the 'Revision of the materia medica')
    10. Dr Rajesh Shah (India)(Founder-director of Life Force, working on Clinical trials, animal studies, etc. )
    11. Dr Gustav Brucha (Cuba) (Researcher at Finlay institute, worked on Laptospirosis and other diseases
    12. Drs Prasanta Banerji and Dr. Pratip Banerji (India) (They will talk on work on cell-line studies in Cancer and the Banerji Protocol)
    13. Dr Leoni Villano Bonamin, (Brazil) (Professor of Veterinary Pathology at University Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil,)
    14. Dr Elio Rossi, (Italy)(Scientist responsible of the chapter “Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in cancer care
    15. Prof G.D. Jindal, (India)(Ex-Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, BARC, Mumbai)
    16. Prof Sadhana Sathaye, (India)(Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, ICT - Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai)
    17. Dr Gaurisankar Sa (India)(Professor of Molecular Medicine, BOSE institute, Kolkatta)
    18. Dr Lex Rutten, (Nederland)(Founder-chairman of a Dutch computer software users group. Development of a homeopathic software)
    19. Dr Abhay Chowdhary, (India)(Director, Haffkine Institute, Mumbai)
    20. Dr P.K. Joshi, India (Professor and scientist, TIFR, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, worked in the area of Nuclear Experimental Physics)
    21. Dr Praful Barvalia (India)(Homeopath, educationist and researcher, ex-professor, CMPH Medical College, Mumbai University)
    22. Dr Alexander Tournier (UK)(Homeopathy Research Institute, London
    23. Dr Kanjaksa Ghosh (India)(Director: National Institute of Immunohaematology, Mumbai)
    24. Dr V. Prakash (India)(Ex-Director: CSIR, Director of Research, INNOVATION and Development, at JSS, Mysore, India)
    25. Dr Carla Holandino, Brazil (Professor of Pharmacy at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    26. Dr J.P. Varshney (India)(Sr. Consultant, Nandini Veterinary Hospital, Surat)
    27. Dr Akalpita Paranjape (Physicist, Ex-Professor, BARC, Mumbai)
    28. Dr. Indrani Chakraborty (Zoologist, Researcher in Agro-homeopathy)

    CCRH (Central Council for Research in Homeopathy), a premium government body under AYUSH has extended support as Collaborator to GHF for World Homeopathy Summit. We also have technical collaborations with HMAI, IHMA and IPRH





    The topics
    Homeopathic research papers related to the following topics, and more, will be invited:
    • Fundamental research
    • Bio-molecular studies
    • Nanoparticles studies
    • Cell-line studies
    • Pathogenetic trials
    • Clinical trials
    • Evidence based medicine
    • Animal models

    Who will benefit from the conference?
    All those who are involved directly or indirectly in health-care profession would benefit by participating in the conference. The conference will be designed to stimulate homeopathic and conventional doctors, all kind of scientists and researchers, teachers and students from homeopathic and conventional medical colleges, policy makers and medical educationists.

    The Finance and funding
    GHF is a registered charitable trust and aiming at conducting the conference as non-commercial activity. The trustees and the board are committed to offer services without any commercial benefits.

    We shall invite sponsors, collaborators, philanthropists, lovers of homeopathy and well-wishers to contribute for the cause. The surplus funds, if any, would be utilized for the promotion of homeopathy in the areas of research and education. Donations made to GHF will be exempted from income tax under 80-G certificate. Associate Membership to GHF is open to public who are lovers of Homeopathy.

    We invite likeminded homeopaths and well-wisher to join hands to help us promote homeopathy.

    Venue: Birla Matushree Sabhagrih, Next to Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400020. India (Nearest rail station: Marine Lines)
    Dates: 11th and 12th April 2015
    Time: 9.00 to 18.00 on both days. Registration at 08.00 on 11th April.

        Professionals Students*
    India Foreign India Foreign
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    2. Regular (After 15th February 2015) Rs. 5000
    $ 150 Rs. 4000
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    3. Spot Registration (Subject to availability) Rs. 6000 $ 180 Rs. 4500 $ 150
    4. GHF Associate membership
    (Includes delegate fees and premium seating)
    Rs. 15000 (India) USD 400 (Foreign)
    5. Gala dinner Gala dinner (on 11th April 2015) Rs 5000 (India) USD 100 (Foreign)

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